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Standpoints was founded in 1988 by the French Education Ministry’s Centre National de la Documentation Pédagogique and the Mission Laïque Française.

Its objective was to provide up-to-date articles and texts about the Anglo-Saxon world in its richness and diversity, audio documents and worksheets for teaching English in primary and secondary schools.

The authors and editors were specialists in English and English teachers.
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New Standpoints

In 1999, the magazine was taken over by schools’ publishers Editions Nathan and renamed New Standpoints.

A team of English-speaking journalists, teachers working in French secondary schools, and academics, continue to produce high-quality articles on Anglophone countries and culture, and the latest practical innovations in English teaching.

Each issue has 27 pages of worksheets on a variety of themes, for all levels of class, following the French curriculum.
Many include listening work, using the audio documents on the accompanying CD.

Each issue has an interactive worksheet for TICE work.
New Standpoints - Magazines NewStandpoints