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Speaking and the CEFR: Performing or Improvising?

As developing speaking skills has become the proirity in lin language teaching, it is now time to stop for a moment, as Claire Griffin does herre, and think about what speaking is and what mental operations it involves.


Changing Views on Authority

This is the true story of a young teacher who throught that she would never be able to cope with a classful of 12-year-olds. And as many do in such cases, she started out by blaming it on the “hopeless” kids. But little by little …


Acting: “Class” Players!

Theatre in the classroom usually results more from the teacher’s enthusiasm than anything else. Ideas and hard work are what counts, as Isabelle Dufresne de Virel’s experience testifies.


William Hogarth: A Timely Exhibition at the Louvre

This year’s exhibition at the Louvre is the first ever in France devoted to William Hogarth. Frédéric Ogée, co-curator of the exihibition, explains why Hogarth, the father of English caricature, should be seen not just as a satirist, but as a complete artist, keen to bridge the gap between the aristocratic tradition of painting and the budding middle classes — for whom he tried to produce “modern” art.


U.S. Media — the Fox Factor

Information or propaganda? Entertainment or manipulation? Media specialist Divina Frau-Meigs analyses and exposes the strategies of the powerful Fox network.


The Media Is the Message

From paper to podcasts …
Regan Kramer provides an overview of media terminology.


Space: What Price Power and Glory?

What is the Space Odyssey’s true spirit: a bellicose quest for power, an idealistic scientific investigation, or a technological challenge?
Over time, the purposes have changed, but not the dream.


Pinter: A “Speechless” Playwright

On learning that he was tehe recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature, Harold Pinter repied, “I’m speechless”.
An ironically appropriate comment from a playwright known as much for his characters’silences as for what they say, as Marian Hollings explains.


All the Town’s a Stage

What’s on in London? West End theatre, renowned for its quality and variety, has been doing very well of late.
Annette Gartland reports.


Back to School: 40 Years On

As parents and children eagerly (?!) prepare for a bracing new school year, Robert Frye meets his fellow high-school alumni at his Class of 66 reunion — a true story from the U.S. farm belt.


Do You Mind if I Ask?

Word order in questions follows clearly defined rules in English. Why then, is it so hard for foreign students to acquire? Probably, Ruth Huart suggests, because the principales bihind the rules depend on different cognitive representations of how to seek information.

Interrogent-ils ? Interrogeons-nous !

Interroger, s’interroger : nous sommes au coeur de l’interaction.
Mais que d’obstacles à surmonter pour faire en sorte que les élèves formulent correctement leurs questions ! Claudine Martina nous propose quelques pistes.


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