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The Fourth Estate: The Press in the Land of Free Speech

From the Bill of Rights to bloggers, a survey of the Fourth Estate in the U.S.A.


Multicultural London English

New Standpoints interviewed Paul Kerswill, professor of socio-linguistics at Lancaster University, about the recent evolution of spoken English, specifically among young people living in London’s inner city. Kerswill spoke recently at a TEDx event (an independently organised version of the popular TED talks). His talk can be seen on YouTube.By the way, we mistakenly said in the magazine that Mr Kerswill taught at Lancaster University, when he in fact teaches at the University of York. Our apologies.


The Fab Four-Ever: Beatlemania

Paul Giggins looks back at an iconic historical period, and who but the Beatles could better illustrate England’s Swinging Sixties?


The Great London Smog

Air pollution in the Thames estuary gates back at least to the 14th century. But it wasn’t until the Great Smog of 1952 that the authorities acknowledged that something really had to be done.


Dagger Ladies: Writing Thrillers

An investigation of women thriller-writers’ work that spans a century of writing, showing how the genre has revolved — to readers’ delight and horror! Fans of the Queen of the genre, Agatha Christie, will be pleased to know that Greenway, the estate where Christie wrote many of her beloved mysteries, is now open to the public.


Putting the Paper to Bed

Marian Hollings provides a taste of newspaper jargon, old and new.


Foggy Distinctions

Based on the « Great Smog » interview, Ruth Huart show how stress correlates with meaning in compound nouns.


Du Chatting Club à Londres: Let’s Chat Our Way to London!

Un projet transversal qui permet aux élèves motivés — par l’anglais ou la photographie — de faire un voyage passionnant à Londres !


Entrée en matière : la Première année de l’enseignement

Le récit — émouvant, motivant, et vécu — de la première année d’enseignement.


L’expression orale au Bac Professionnel: l’accompagnement personnalisé

Dans ce deuxième volet sur l’épreuve du bac oral professionnel, Maider Chena présente des idées d’activités pour l’accompagnement personnalisé, ainsi que les conseils donnés aux élèves pour choisir, traiter et exposer leur thème…


Extra information, films, books, art exhibits, websites and more on the themes of the issue or simply of interest to ESL teachers. All of the books reviewed in a given issue can usually be ordered (in English) from You may want to visit the following site(s) mentioned in this issue:

Deceit and Trackers

Read reviews of Deceit, a Machiavellian murder mystery by James Seigel, and Trackers, a South African thriller by the Afrikaans-language mystery writer Deon Meyer.

Interagir à l’oral

Find out about this new book focusing on oral interaction by Michel Freiss, teacher-trainer at the Montpellier IUFM and regular contributor to New Standpoints.

Modern-Day Sherlock

A new mini-series with the inimitable Holmes and Watson transposed to modern-day London, by the BBC.

Hitchcock Biopic

A new biopic starring Anthony Hopkins as the British-born master of suspense is coming soon. It tells the gripping tale of Hitchcock’s struggle to make his most classic film, Psycho.