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A CEFR Pioneer

Sanja Wagner describes her experience as a CEFR pioneer in her classes in Germany. She points out that self-assessment cannot be achieved overnight, but is the result of consistent, obstinate perseverance in a long-standing project. This is real- (classeroom-) life experience.


Transparent Words, Our Best Enemy

The recognition and use of transparent words in primary schools in part and parcel of the strategies involved in learning a foreign laguage. They should not be considered self-evident, but should be learnt and developed.


Reading in Kenyan Schools

Daniel Oloo explains why developing reading skills is both a priority and a challenge in Kenya, a country with 42 different — mostly oral — laguages.


How to Write About Africa

Despite the caricature, this essay, originally published in « Granta », rings true. With scathing irony, the author debunks the complacent clichés Westerners may nurture in reference to Africa. Well-wishers beware! You won’t be spared either!


Out of Africa: A Lingusitic Dilemma

Through a selection of comtempory African authors, Jacqueline Karp-Gendre shows how complex, yet lively and versatile, the relationship between the authors and the English language is.


Drought in Kenya: Climatic, Economic, Economic and Socio-political Factors

Global warning has dramatically aggravated drought in Kenya, yet Dr. Serigne T. Kandji explains that sustainable solutions could still be found — provided there was a will.


Afro-American Slang

What teacher has never felt at a loss when a pupil asks for help understanding popular song lyrics? It can be embarassing to admit your ignorance. Jesse McCarthy’s students clue us in about Brooklyn street speak, with examples from hip-hop songs.


Due South: Ernest J. Gaines’s House of Fiction

A witnesss to the history of African Americans, Ernest J. Gaines was nonetheless influenced by Faulkner and European authors. Yet in his fiction, the remembrance of things past, far from being nostalgic, opens up prospects for renewed communal values in the Deep South, as Jean-Paul Rocchi explains.


A New Ceremony for Reconciliation: Mahkato Education Day

The process of reconciliation between Native and non-Native Americans has been going on for 20 years now. The Mahkato project enables all involved to learn the lessons of the past through dialogue.


Activating the Passive

Ruth Huart explains that if the passive voice raises problems in the L2 acquisition process, this may be due to other factors than those usually mentioned in grammar books.

Le passif : des élèves actifs

Claudine Martina explique que les suggestions des élèves peuvent mener à la découverte réfléchie d’un nouveau fait de langue et nous propose des pistes d’exploitation.


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