DVD My Country Cousins Celebrations

A documentary DVD in 8 sequences on British and American festivals and holidays: Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s Day, July 4th.

Août 2013

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DVD British Kids

An original DVD for young learners of English, plunging them into the daily life of three British teens (home, swimming pool, camping…). A lively addition to language learning at A1 level.

Avril 2011

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DVD Easy Strips

An interactive DVD with two animated comic-strip stories: Vampire Abbey and Kim (Kipling). You pupils can participate in the interactive quizzes!

January 2010

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DVD Martin Luther King & The Civil Rights Movement

Introducing an extraordinary hero, Martin Luther King, and the U.S. civil-rights movement, through a short bio-pic of King’s childhood and a documentary of his career, including extracts of his speeches.

January 2008

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