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Building New York

Didier Aubert explains how urban planning aimed at improving both architecture and human welfare has struggled with greed and self-interest in New York City for the past four centuries.


Unique New York

Native New Yorker Kimberly Taylo takes us on a tour of all five boroughs, and shows us why, “There’s no way not to love New York!”

West Side Story

Christopher Repplinger presents the surprising history of and controversy surrounding West Side Story, one of the most succesful Broadway musicals ever.


9/11: History Transformed

Vincent Michelot analyzes the consequences of 9/11 on American politics at home and abroad.


The Mists of Time – The Sound of Silence

Native New Zealander author, publisher and editor, Dr Glyn Strange shares his knowledge of the history, politics and beauty of one of his favourite havens in the south of New Zealand… far from the madding rugby crowds.


There’s No Place Like Home

Paul Giggins shows that many proverbs and clichés about English homes are still topical in the 21st Century.


Mine’s a Fly Half

In honour of the Rugby World Cup, Seonaid Cruickshank, New Standpoints’ resident rugby fan, takes a look at some of the game’s unique vocabulary.


From New York to London by Ear

Based on New Standpoints Live, Ruth Huart points at a recent evolution in fall-rise tone, and some differences between American and English accents.


Une question de démarche… Le rôle de l’empathie dans la production orale

Joëlle Aden expose plusieurs expériences menées avec les élèves autour du jeu théâtral en anglais. Quand le langage du corps ouvre la porte à l’expression verbale…


On the “Face” of It: Of Pen-pals, School Trips and… Facebook

Teacher Alison Bouhmid recounts how Facebook turned into an unexpectedly useful tool, promoting pupil autonomy and enthusiasm, for class exchanges.


Des chiffres et des lettres: Pour un projet actionnel motivant, mais surtour faisable!

D’abord observer, écouter, puis analyser, comprendre afin de prévoir… L’objectif actionnel ne doit pas faire oublier la mise en place de la langue.


Play It Again SAAM

New Standpoints a rencontré l’équipe de coordination du Teacher Programs au SAAM, le Smithsonian American Art Museum à Washington, D.C., qui publie des podcasts créés par des élèves, même de l’étranger. L’article se réfère aux ressources pédagogiques et à une vidéo du site du musée.


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