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Procreation & Politics in the USA

Jennifer Merchant explains how women ame to achieve reproductive and privacy rights in a context of ethical and social contradictions. For further reading on what could happen if Roe v Wade were overturned, see also: What If Roe Fell? and What If Roe v Wade were Reversed?


A page of HERstory: Images of & by Suffragettes

Vanina Géré shows how the different social and poliical trends among suffragists reflect upon the esthetics of their propaganda campaigns.


Population Politics in the U.S.A.: The 2010 Census

In a land of immigration and mobility, the decennial census has enabled Americans to get a picture of who they are… More than just statistics, as Paul Schor demonstrates, the census is also a page of history that has reflected the varying ideological trends of American society throughout its history. To see the 2010 form as well as some other information from the Census Bureau: Interactive Form and Constitutionality.


A Scrapbook from Four Corners

Marie-France Chen Géré provides us with a rambling and impressionistic travelogue of a road trip across the Four Corners region, a land of Indian legends and spectacular landscapes that has long inspired artists and writers. For more information, see also: Taos Schools and Group 9 Art on the High Road.


Hanif Kureishi: The Buddha of Suburbia

Vanessa Guignery explores the subverisveness of the writer Hanif Kureishi, whose work is constantly in search of identity beyond the borders of race, gender and class.


Of Actresses & Queens

Will the words actress and waitress soon be going the way of authoress and doctoress? Regan Kramer looks at the last vestiges of gender in English.


Transparent but Opaque Words

Ruth Huart analyzes some transparent words and the problems they raise in aural comprehension.


En voiture

Ce second volet de notre article consacré aux préparatifs nécessaires aux voyages scolaires apporte l’éclairage d’un chef d’établissement, Catherine Azoulay.


“Cat Trap”, projet théâtral: Des souris et des élèves

Le langage corporel est un facteur déterminant dans l’appresntissage d’une langue chez les enfants, tout aussi important que le “geste mental” ! Vous pouvez aussi consulter le projet pédagogique en ligne.


Option Histoire des Arts

Le Cadre Européen a deux vertus : il crée un cadre, donne des repères, et structure l’enseignement et l’apprentissage. Mais en même temps, un cadre, c’est aussi ce qui permet de voir autour : invitation au pays des arts.


Option Théâtre… Langue et théâtre, l’empathie comme compétence interculturelle

Dans ce récit d’une rencontre culturelle étonnante, Joëlle Aden explore les ressources riches, mais trop souvent ignorées, de l’empathie dans la communication non verbale.


Extra information, films, books, art exhibits, websites and more on the themes of the issue or simply of interest to ESL teachers. All of the books reviewed in a given issue can usually be ordered (in English) from
Tony Hillerman, the Map-Reader (1925-2008) Hillerman’s fondness for maps is visible in his novels. “I have always felt that making the reader aware of the vast emptiness of our high desert is important to making the story work,” he says. You can read about his work in the magazine, or listen to and/or read extracts from some of his books on
Georgia O’Keeffe A retrospective of the American artist’s work will be touring Europe (Rome, Munich and Helsinki, from October 2011 to Spetember 2012).You can also see much of her work at the O’Keeffe Museum’s website.
Made in Dagenham If you missed this moving film (title for the French release: We Want Sex Equality) based on a true story about British women factory workers demanding equal pay for equal work at the cinema, try to catch it in DVD. For once, feminists are portrayed as reasonable, ordinary women asking for nothing more than their due.