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Feeding the World: GMOs, organic foods & more

Mary Ellen Gallagher and Odile Michel debunk some myths about GMO’s organic foods and more.


The Tea Party Movement

Romain Huret gives some background about the movement which made such a surprising showing in the recent U.S. mid-term elections. Although Republicans won a majority, and several Tea Party candidates (5 senators, or 50% of Tea Party candidates, and 40 reprepsentatives, or 31%) did win seats, Christine O’Donnell, who is featured in the article, was not one of them.


The American Civil War (1861-1865)

Didier Aubert analyses the development and impact of the Civil War in and on the American nation.


Olympic vs Olympian: Architecture in London

Should new architecture fit in or stand out? James Payne posits that Londoners side-step the issue with humour, coining funny names for new buildings.


The Contemporary Art Scene in London

Gallery-owner and former artist James Payne describes the current art scene in London from the inside, and asks where it is headed…
For more information about some of the galleries and artists he mentioned: Saatchi (check out the education pack for their latest show), Room Art Space, Fred, Transition, Victoria Miro, Rachel Whiteread, Steve McQueen, Andrew Curtis, Yinka Shonibare (cover photos) and Peter Doig.


Visiting London: Pick & Mix

This new section allows teachers to share advice and experience about organising class trips. In this inaugural article, Paul Giggins provides ideas for quickly and easily getting off the beaten track in London. The article suggests getting information to organise your own itinerary from sites like London Walks and Jack the Ripper Walks, as well as recommending a host of well- or lesser-known monuments ranging from Dickens House to the Houses of Parliament via the London Transport Museum and more. Even more suggestions can be found here.


Guignol, ou le fabuleux destin des 5ème 3

Claudine Martina partage son enthousiasme (et des idées) pour des classes réputées “difficiles”.


What’s in a Name?

Regan Kramer invites you to take a tour of some of the most difficult (or hard to pronounce) place names in England.


Un parcours oral

Cet article relate, à partir d’une expérience vécue dans un collège, les étapes qui vont permettre à tous les élèves — et pas seulement les “bons” — e prendre la parole en continu et en toute autonomie.


Le DCL Diplome de Compétence en Langues

Le DCL a précédé le Cadre Européen et, à l’heure actuelle, un outil bien rodé. Frédéric Chotard expose l’exploitation qui peut en être faite dans l’enseignement secondaire.


Robot, bruitages et bel canto: jeux et activités autour de la prononciation

Après avoir évoqué dans ses précédents articles les incidences du passage d’une langue syllabique, comme le français, à une langue accentuelle, comme l’anglais, Michel Freiss présente quelques activité axées sur une première sensibilisation.


Films, books, art exhibits, websites and more on the themes of the issue or simply of interest to ESL teachers. All of the books reviewed in a given issue can usually be ordered (in English) from
Just click here to check out the government’s Pop Culture vs. the Real America site, mentioned on p. 54.