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A World too Warm


Water: Running Against the Clock »

Global warming is contributing to problems that put humans at risk, such as rising sea levels and clean water storages. What can we do about it?


Two Cultures on the One Page

One way for a young nation to define itself is through the stories it tells. Glyn Strange considers how New Zealand has developed and evolved its identity through literature that draws on both Maori and European culture.


Windy City

Francine Tolron describes the city she loves most in New Zealand (and perhaps the world…) where she has spent many happy months.


Rugby, the Secular Religion of New Zealand

New Zealand is a remote, thinly populated, little known, not at all conspicuous country, with one exception: rugby, its national sport and its world-famous national team, the All Blacks.Both have to symbolise the country to such an extent that rugby means New Zealand and New Zealand means rugby.


Vietnam Then and Now

On the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, Elaine McCarthy discovers Vietnam is no longer a war: it’s a country, maybe even a capitalist one.


Space Oddities

The tech industry has seen the future and it’s in the stars. For millenia, humans have had their eyes on the heavens, from Galileo’s telescope to the Rosetta/Philae probe last year. Now, the heavens are becoming our eyes, thanks to the ever-growing numbers of imagining and communications satellites that are launched each year.


Prononciation : commencer par la fin

Dans un précédent article (NSP N° 62), nous avons souligné l’importance de la relation production-perception, à travers notamment les « Tongue Twisters ». Nous allons maintenant explorer les différents phénomènes de coarticulation en anglais et tenter d’apporter des pistes d’exploitation dès le cycle 3, notamment par le biais du « Backward Building »


The Metaphorisation of Space

Man’s attempt to commercialise space testify to his enduring desire to own and control the element his senses constantly put him in contact with. This is especially obvious in the use of English prepositions, which according to many, always stem from spatial metaphors.

Kiwi Accents


Teaching Global Citizens – The Iceberg Concept of Culture

Culture is being given a prominent place in the U.S. modern-language curricula, with the aim of producing global citizens.


Réagir, décrire, construire ?

Après l’attaque du magazine Charlie Hebdo du 7/1/2015 et les événements qui ont suivi, Claudine Martina, comme beaucoup d’enseignants, s’est interrogée sur ce qu’il convenait de faire pour aider les élèves à comprendre l’actualité et surmonter les émotions. Ensuite est venu le travail pédagogique approfondi pour les éduquer au décryptage des images.


General Tips applicable to different activities

La Classe de langue : un grand forum démocratique ?