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U.S Energy Policy Today

When he was first elected, President Obama raised great hopes among environmentalists. Will he have lived up to expectations by the end of his second mandate?
Alix Meyer looks into the Obama administration’s efforts to reconcile sustainability and economy.


Aboriginal Art, The Dreaming Into Now

Aboriginal art is highly valued in art circles, galleries and worldwide auctions. But this recent success of an art whose roots go back to time immemorial has been stained by unfair treatment of Aboriginal artists. Sarah Luddy looks into what is both a social and artistic issue.

For a virtual tour of some recent Aboriginal Art,
The Indigenous Art Code:
To view some examples of Aboriginal art :


Charlie goes to Hollywood

2014 is the centenary of Hollywood, born in the middle of nowhere and which before long, saw the worldwide triumph of one of the greatest artists ever, Charlie Chaplin. Jack Vermee looks back to the beginnings of the cinema and this iconic figure.


Sustainable Cities

New Standpoints interviews Nico Larco, who teaches urban design at the University of Oregon. Larco discusses sustainable urban development, and the “Sustainable Cities Initiative”, in which students take an active part in the sustainable development of cities.


Whether the Weather

Living on an island in the midst of the Channel and the North Sea is a thrilling adventure that about 63 million Britons live every day, thanks to unpredictable weather generated by the seas. Paul Giggins investigates.


Fordism as Americanism

Didier Aubert examines Fordism, a symbol of America’s economic success in the first half of the 20th century that affected workers’ lives far beyond the confines of the factory floor. Today, the impact of this social and economic model remains, although the American “Rust Belt” bears testimony to its decay.


A Perfectly Present Conundrum

The present perfect is not only a tricky verb form, it is mostly a trick form to teach. Stephan Wilhelm give some insights into a confusing verb tense…

Accommodation in the Hebrides

Stephan Wilhelm looks into the prosodic lessons of his visit to the Scottish Isles last summer.


Evaluer autrement

Entendu sur le trajet d’un bus : “J’ai progressé ce trimestre, je suis passé de 8,5 à 9.” Face à cette perte de sens et de repères, Claudine Martina expose une démarche qui responsabilise l’élève en lui faisant comprendre ses progrès.


PODART Podcasts au Smithsonian American Art Museum

Le Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) propose aux élèves des visites virtuelles de ses collections. Les élèves peuvent alors choisir une œuvre, et enregistrer sur podcast leurs commentaires qui sont mis en ligne par le musée. Anna Guill a mené l’expérience avec une classe de troisième.


Vue des tribunes, l’évaluation en EPS

Stéphane Roubieu expose le système, particulier à l’EPS, qui permet à l’élève de choisir sa situation d’évaluation. Ce dernier en s’impliquant dans son apprentissage, se responsabilise. Un concept qui peut faire du chemin en dehors des gymnases…


Let’s Talk Shop

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Ford’s assembly line, Regan Kramer looks at expressions from factories and the world of work.