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Scotland on the Brink

As Scotland prepares for a referendum on independence from the UK, New Standpoints looks at a nation torn between modernity and nostalgia.


David Livingstone, a Man with a Mission

This year, Britain is celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of one of its foremost explorers, the Scotsman Dr David Livingstone, of the famous « Dr Livingstone, I presume? »


Roy Lichtenstein

Tying in with the current exhibition at the Pompidou Centre, art historian Vanina Géré explains why Roy Lichtenstein’s cartoon-like art really is « Art » with a capital A.


Gun Control? No Way!

Dider Combeau, the author of a book about Americans and firearms, brings us up to the date on the gun-control situation in the USA — and explains why it is so difficult to impose gun-control laws there.


Jack the Ripper

Like Sherlock Holmes, but on the dark side, Jack the Ripper exerts an endless fascination, casting his spell over London’s formerly insalubrious Whitechapel district, and inspiring countless tours, books, films, TV series and more. With references to the Jack the Ripper Tour, and the Ripper pages on the London Metropolitan Police Service’s site.


From Kennedy to Obama, the Pursuit of Social Justice

Vincent Michelot, the author of the book Kennedy, shows how a different legislative and judicial context makes it more difficult for President Obama to resume the pursuit of social progress that was slowed down, or even reversed, by four decades of conservative governance.


« Bien » prononcer

Alain Diana nous livre les conclusions des journées de l’ALOES (L’Association de linguistes oralistes de l’enseignement supérieur) sur les modèles prononciation à enseigner, et établit une hiérarchisation des points à corriger.


La transmission du savoir

Pour les enseignants débutants — et pour tous ceux qui ont besoin de ranimer le feu sacré à la rentrée — Claudine Martine partage ses idées sur les transmission du savoir.


« Mind Maps »: Faciliter la compréhension et la mémorisation au collège

Claire Griffin explique comment elle a été amenée à utiliser les « mind maps » au collège, et les résultats qu’elle en a tiré. Quelques références : Versailles et CNDP.


J’apprends le français, et toi ? Teaching French in Britain

Michael Kelly provides an overview of the foreign-language learning situation in Britain… and reminds us that French is still Number One among foreign languages there. References:
- Britac
- Language Trends
- KS3
- Hello Mylo
- Links Into Languages


Let’s Table That!

Regan Kramer looks at the pitfalls of trans-Atlantic conversation, or communication between two peoples famously « divided by a single language ».


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The Lewis Trilogy

Discover the atmosphere of the Outer Hebrides in Scottish crime-writer Peter May’s The Lewis Trilogy.

The Year of South Africa in France

Wherever you live, there’s bound to be an event near you. Find a calendar of events and more on the Year of South Africa site.

Scottish Education

Scotland has always maintained an education system that is independent from England’s. Read about some of the differences.