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India: Old and New?

The high-tech boom vs. rural illiteracy, women executives alongside foetal-sex selection and heinous assaults against women, a true — albeit somewhat corrupt — democracy vs. the continuing existence of the caste system: these are just some of the contradictions in India today.


Utopias: Can We Live in the Middle of Nowhere?

Natalie-Claire Brierley looks at the history of Utopias. For more, see this site on garden cities, and another looking back how the LA Times imaginined 1988 the city of 2013.


The Languages of Dystopia

Over the past few decades, many literary works about dystopias have focused on new forms of language, and how they both reflect and shape society while expressing individual items.


Billancholy: The Strange Canonization of the Other First Black President

Bill Clinton left the White House 12 years ago, but today, the former president seems more popular than ever.


The Jet Set 60 Years On

Jacqueline Karp looks at the history of jet travel over the past 60 years, as it evolved from excitement and glamour to low-cost pragmatism. For more, see the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.


The True Story of Tea

Venturing to parts of China where no Westerner had gone before, an Englishman with a passion for exotic plants turned out to be one of history’s most cunning industrial spies. China’s loss was Britain’s gain.


Ella Can Help

Primary school is the ideal time for pupils to acquire the phonetic system through playful activities. Ruth Huart explains some points that need special focus.


Il faut sauver l’élève Donovan

Claudine Martine montre, à travers une anecdote, à quel point l’observation, l’écoute et l’humour peuvent permettre la maîtrise de soi… et de sa classe.


L’élève, acteur de son voyage

Guidés avec rigueur, des élèves de seconde européenne créent un logbook où ils rendent compte de leurs observations et réflexion personnelles, tirant ainsi tous les enseignements d’un séjour à Londres.


Construire le langage: de l’usage des Lego et Playmobils en cours

Jeux de construction et jeux de langage ne font qu’un au bénéfice de l’apprentissage de la langue étrangère.
Des exemples de performances d’étudiants sont visibles en ligne sur le site Tâches des sens dans les nuages.
D’autres sites intéressants: Lego learning institute et une conférence sur l’apprentissage et Lego.


It Was the Best of Lines, It Was the Worst of Lines

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about its first line, or its last?


Extra information, films, books, art exhibits, websites and more on the themes of the issue or simply of interest to ESL teachers. All of the books reviewed in a given issue can usually be ordered (in English) from You may want to visit the following site(s) mentioned in this issue:

Marriage, Indian Style

A review of 2 States, The Story of My Marriage, an autobiographical novel about an inter-cultural marriage between a Punjabi man and a Tamil woman.

Great Gatsby

Continuing our first & last lines theme, this short article provides those from The Great Gatsby, which opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Visions of Utopia

More information about the futuristic, ecologically-friendly utopias designed by the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, whose work graces the cover of this issue. To find out even more, see his website: