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Living Positive

Mary Ellen Gallagher looks at 30 years of HIV/AIDS history, and how everything, from the scientific understanding of the disease to the way society looks at those who have it, has changed since it was first discovered.

HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Bernard Cros discusses the shocking figures of HIV/AIDS infection in South Africa, and talks about the challenges that continue to face AIDS activists and public health workers in the country.


Trinidad and Tobago

Jacqueline Karp-Gendre takes readers on a visit of Trinidad and Tobago, the two-island nation in the Caribbean with a cultural mix that comes from a rich and unique history.


Dis Poet: Benjamin Zephaniah

Seonaid Cruickshank talks to Benjamin Zephaniah, a British poet of Jamaican ancestry who is dropped out of school at age 13 and now teaches creative writing at a University.


William Who?

Paul Giggins investigates the man behind the myth – who was the real William Shakespeare? This article looks documents from Shakespeare’s life as well as some theories that say he actually didn’t write plays, and was nothing but a frontman.


Newspeak AFAIK

Emily Liedel decyphers vocabulary related to new technology and acronyms that have become popular with the rise of twitter and text messages.


Sounding Convincing

Ruth Huart discusses the intonation and cadence in Annie Lennox’s interview about AIDS, and talks about how students can be encouraged to learn and use similar intonation paterns.


Précis de grammaire de la langue anglaise (et française)

Claudine Martina s’interoge sur l’enseignement de la grammaire française et anglaise et le défi de faire un lien entre les deux.


Allumez vos portables!

Simon Ensor donne des idées et conseils pour l’utilisation des Smartphones dans les cours de langue, et des outils technologiques pour avancer l’apprentissage à la maison.


Let’s Tweet Again: De l’usage de Twitter en cours de langue

Elisabeth Buffard continue la discussion des outils technologiques avec un article sur l’usage de Twitter en cours de langue pour pratiquer et faire vivre la langue.


« Et sinon, vous partez où cette année ?

Richard Renou partage sa philosophie d’organisation des voyages scolaires: tout faire faire. Il explique comment ses élèves organisent leurs voyages scolaires à Londres chaque année, et donne des conseils pour répliquer sa stratégie.


Extra information, films, books, art exhibits, websites and more on the themes of the issue or simply of interest to ESL teachers. All of the books reviewed in a given issue can usually be ordered (in English) from You may want to visit the following site(s) mentioned in this issue:
Further Reading about Shakespeare:
- Contested Will and 1599, a Year in the Life of Shakespeare, both by James Shapiro
- Shakespeare, by Bill Bryson
- Shakespeare, the Biography, by Peter Ackroyd
- Will in the World, by Stephen Greenblatt
- Faulks on Fiction, by Sebastian Faulks
- The Rough Guide to Shakespeare, by Andrew Dickson
Latest in Learning
You can visit Simon Ensor’s website, and his Twitter handle is @sensor63.
Tim Burton
The Cinématheque in Paris is hosting an exhibition and film retrospective of Tim Burton’s work, including everything from drawings he did as a child to his blockbuster films like Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. You can schedule class visits, but they are filling up fast! For more information, go to the Cinématheque’s website. If you want to get an idea of what the exhibition is like, you can visit this interactive site created by New York’s Museum of Modern Art, where the exhibition was first curated.