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In the News > Chasing the Youth Vote

In the U.S. presidential elections,  all the candidates are chasing the youth vote. The Democrats most of all. So Barack Obama  has made a short video to encourage young people to sign up to vote. It would make a great classroom activity.



What’s On > Deauville American Film Festival’s awards 2016

The Deauville American Film Festival’s 42nd edition ended Saturday night September 10th. A total of 14 films were in competition for this prizes. Little Men (Brooklyn Village), by Ira Sachs won the Grand Prize.



Celebrate > Teach Peace

21 September is Peace One Day, a U.N. day of ceasefire and non-violence around the world.

A day to bring peace into your classroom!



Pedagogy > Padlet, une appli pour les projets de classe

Chaque mois, Philippe Lelong nous présentera un outil numérique utile pour les cours d’anglais. Ce mois-ci, Padlet, un outil collaboratif en ligne idéal pour démarrer des projets et mettre en commun les idées d’un groupe ou d’une classe.

Padlet  permet de créer des murs virtuels collaboratifs en ligne. Il est accessible, à partir d’un navigateur sur tous les appareils fixes ou mobiles. Il suffit d’être connecté et d’ouvrir un compte, gratuit pour la  version de base, à partir d’une adresse mail ou d’un compte sur un réseau social.



Webpicks > Paralympics: Yes We Can

Britain’s commercial Channel 4 TV company revolutionised the televising of disability sports for the 2012 Games in London. It has continued its commitment to disability sport, proudly proclaiming on all its communication that it is the “Paralympic Broadcaster”. This from the channel that brought us Big Brother and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. For the 2016 Paralympics, a new trailer and advert competition are wonderfully discussable in class.



 Ready to Use > Visiting Buckingham Palace

This A1-level article and comprehension activities will introduce your pupils to one of London’s most popular monuments, Buckingham Palace, and its occupants, the Royal Family.